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Michael Kleber-Diggs at July 13, 2016 Black Poets Speak Out event [credit: Tom Baker, MPR News, 2016]

Saint Paul Morning

By Michael Kleber-Diggs The author originally read this piece on July 13, 2016 at the Black Poets Speak Out event held in response to the shooting death of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, MN. Learn more and listen to an excerpt from his reading on the MPR website.  Morning, walking my neighborhood I come upon a colony of ants busy at work. I take care not to step on any and miss them all, then encounter, up a ways, a fellow traveler greeting the day. I am frightening her.  No. She is afraid of me. Is she an introvert? Is she a neighbor? Is she just in from the ‘burbs, from the country? Is she scared of the inner city? Am I the inner city? Is she racist? Aren’t I the one who should be wary? Or is she a survivor – like me? It can’t be what I’m wearing: khaki’s, a blue & white check button-down, short-sleeve shirt, those Keen sandals I favor because they’re comfortable, my feet can breathe in them. You guys, I am …

Danger: Contents Under Extreme Pressure. Handle With Care.

A Difficult Job

by Michael Kleber-Diggs This post was originally published on the author’s website and is republished here with permission. I keep thinking about that police officer down the street kneeling on that young black man and twisting his arm around, savagely, nonchalantly, while the child screamed ‘help! Help!’ I keep thinking about them. At the moment it happened my wife and I were walking in a park two miles to the north. It had been, to that point, a difficult week at our house. Our daughter is nearing the end of her Freshman year in high school, spectacular recovery work is needed in her math class; the calendar has other final exams, four (4!) dance recitals and her school’s formal. My work has been insane and so has my wife’s. We aren’t sleeping enough – none of us are sleeping enough. At some point you will be asked to parent well when you are tired. My wife and I were walking around the lake in an agitated state. We have just the one egg to obsess over, …