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Danger: Contents Under Extreme Pressure. Handle With Care.

A Difficult Job

by Michael Kleber-Diggs This post was originally published on the author’s website and is republished here with permission. I keep thinking about that police officer down the street kneeling on that young black man and twisting his arm around, savagely, nonchalantly, while the child screamed ‘help! Help!’ I keep thinking about them. At the moment it happened my wife and I were walking in a park two miles to the north. It had been, to that point, a difficult week at our house. Our daughter is nearing the end of her Freshman year in high school, spectacular recovery work is needed in her math class; the calendar has other final exams, four (4!) dance recitals and her school’s formal. My work has been insane and so has my wife’s. We aren’t sleeping enough – none of us are sleeping enough. At some point you will be asked to parent well when you are tired. My wife and I were walking around the lake in an agitated state. We have just the one egg to obsess over, …