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What's Your Blackasotan Story?

Share Your Story!

Every creative venture has an origin story. Ours? A lot of shared meals and amazing conversations about our individual and collective experiences of blackness in the frozen tundra AKA Minnesota. At some point, we became determined to make this idea a reality. We aren’t the first to try to capture stories through the lens of a place: shout-out to sites like 1839 and Stuck in DC. We also know for sure that we didn’t invent the idea of featuring stories of Minnesotans from communities of color / with underrepresented identities (hello, Opine Season). But, we’re doing it anyway. An idea doesn’t have to be new to be impactful. And we know these stories that we tell to each other, our friends, families, and co-workers at happy hours and house parties and in the hallways are powerful. We’re planning to fully launch the site in April 2016, and we want to feature your Blackasotan stories. Tell us something funny, interesting, unexpected, weird, or thought-provoking, or anywhere in between. Help make visible the variety of experiences that we experience as Black folks …