dc edwards | @dcedwardswrites

dc edwards is a writer, pop culture junkie, and Afrofuturist whose writing explores themes of social justice, belonging, and family karma. dc’s debut novel, Bright City, is a New Adult, urban dystopian tale, and is forthcoming in late 2016/early 2017. Read more from dc at

Tyeastia Green | @tyegreen

Poetry is my favorite form of communication. It’s the way I best express my thoughts, my experiences, my love, my pain. I’ve been writing poetry since 12, but I’ve recently begun sharing it in written form. In a former life, I was a spoken word artist (Noetic). Learn more at and

Walt Jacobs | @wrjacobs

Walt Jacobs is the Dean of the College of Social Sciences at San José State University. He physically resided in Minnesota for 14 years as a professor at the University of Minnesota from 1999-2013, but has loved it for 30 years. He can be reached online at

Michael Kleber-Diggs | @MKDorDiggsy

Michael Kleber-Diggs is a husband and father living, working, and writing in St. Paul, Minnesota. Read more from Michael at

Irna Landrum | @irna79

Irna Landrum is a child of the bayou, a lover of large bodies of water, and a non-swimmer. For thirteen years, she has made her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she has worked as an educator, labor organizer, and electoral campaign organizer. A campaigner at Daily Kos, Irna is a recipient of the Kairos Fellowship, and the Emerging Writers Fellowship at The Givens Foundation for African American Literature. Her work as a writer, artist, and organizer is driven by a profound belief in the power of community and connection.

Briana Lawrence | @BrichibiTweets

Briana Lawrence is a writer, artist, cosplayer, and promoter of body positivity and diversity. Her writing ranges from script writing for, to writing urban fantasy works of fiction with her partner. Together, the two are writing their Minnesota-based Hunters series, and Briana is currently working on magnifiqueNOIR, a series that focuses on black, queer, magical girls. Briana often travels to conventions with her works and does panels on cosplay bullying, body positivity, LTBGQ issues, and the need for more diversity in the media. You can find out more about her work at